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    The TOURIST SECURITY UNIT (TSU) created by International Corporate Executive Protection to provide a full range of protective services to discerning Business and Leisure travelers to Asia. Travelers can become targets of international criminality and terrorism. TSU generates an atmosphere of security, tranquillity and peace of mind for Business and Leisure travelers to Asia.

    Business and Leisure travelers are met by TSU staff members at the aircraft exit ramp, escorted through Passport and Customs control, and then to the waiting limousine.

    Travelers’ are taken to their hotel under the safety of TSU, reducing the risks at the airport and during vehicular movements.

    TSU provides threat reduction and risk avoidance techniques, improving travelers’ odds of not becoming victim to unforeseen events in Asia.

    TSU staff members remain quietly in the background, elaborately prepared to reduce potential risks posed to travelers, putting their mind at ease, without altering their freedom or enjoyment.
    TSU preserves the tranquillity of travelers’ environment, physical well being, and emotional security. TSU Provides flawless service, attention to detail and comfort, offering only the highest standards in personal safety, with unconditional professionalism.

    TSU Safe Tours™, Business Aircraft, Helicopters, Yachts, Jetfoils, Luxury Buses, Vacation Luxury Safe Houses™ and Armored Executive Cars are available upon request.

    With over 12 years’ experience in Asia-Pacific, International Corporate Executive Protection’s TOURIST SECURITY UNIT (TSU) understand your security needs better than anyone else.

    To schedule TSU services please contact the office of International Corporate Executive Protection Limited or your travel planner. Ask about our International Corporate Rates.

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